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Miguel Ángel Albújar-Escuredo

Pais España Adscripción Institucional The University of Kansas

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Miguel Ángel Albújar-Escuredo is originally from Barcelona, Spain. He has degrees in Journalism (B.A. from University Ramon Llull), Literature (B.A. from University of Barcelona and M.A. from University of Salamanca), and Education (M.S. from University of Barcelona) and graduated from the University Nebraska-Lincoln with a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature. Presently, he is carrying on research in the field of Science-Fiction. He has published several articles in journals such as Alambique: Revista Académica de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía, Anales Cervantinos, and Journal of Franco-Iberian Studies amongst others. In addition, he has written for newspapers (Avui) and radio stations (Rac1, OndaCero, etc.), cultural magazines such as Culturamas and international relations publications such as Observatorio de Actualidad Mundial Blanquerna. He has volunteered for NET (PBS & NPR Stations) providing translation services and for Lincoln Literacy helping to migrate all the educational activities to online learning management systems. Miguel Ángel currently holds the positions of Editor and Translator for Fantraginers, online site of Science-Fiction in Catalan.