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Patrick MacDevitt

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From the United States, Patrick MacDevitt now lives in Romania. He is an educator, performer, and researcher.

As an educator, Patrick has taught a variety of subjects. At University of Melbourne and University of Louisville, Patrick taught Music History and Singing Diction. Patrick also teaches English and singing and has helped students ranging in age from 6 to 60.

Patrick is a tenor and has participated in numerous opera productions in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Patrick has worked with professional, semi-professional, and amateur companies, including Emotionworks Cut Opera, BK Opera, Kentucky Opera, Opera Australia, and Melbourne Lyric Opera. Recently, Patrick has taken an interest in directing and cut his teeth on BK Opera’s setting of La Scala di Seta by Giacomo Rossini. Two months ago, Patrick also tried to take up the guitar. His family has been surprisingly tolerant.

Patrick finished his PhD in 2018. His main focus has been on opera in the US in the early 1900s and specifically how they reflect political and social currents of the time, such as imperialism, women’s rights, and national identity. Patrick won the 2016 Musicology Society of Australia 2nd Place Post-Graduate Award for work on Horatio Parker’s Mona. With Farout, a collective of performers, creators, and researchers, Patrick has begun to explore the world of research through practice and is excited to find practical applications for this intriguing mix of performance, research, and education.