A Study of the Differences between Chinese and Foreign oral Expressions in speech


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speech; TED; YI XI; oral expression; different

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      颖慧 杨

      Comentó el 10/12/2020 a las 05:28:53

      Can you give an example of the difference in humor between Chinese and foreign oral expressions in the speech?


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        JIE HE

        Comentó el 10/12/2020 a las 06:58:31

        Thank you for your question.The most direct manifestation of humor in a speech is whether it can arouse laughter from the audience.For example, "Do you have procrastination?” made full use of exaggeration and self-deprecation to create live laughter 18 times.But "Professional Writing" created 2 laughs on site, "View Education in a free manner" created 4 laughs on site.The number of laughs on site in YI XI talks is relatively small.


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