Flipped classroom methodological strategies that second language teachers can include in their educational practices


This research is integrated within the teaching-learning processes that try to work on the competences of Primary Education students through the use of new and proficient methodologies that lead to more student-centred learning. In other words, this work shows a clear example of how foreign language teachers can include the strategies of the flipped classroom methodology in their educational practices in the primary education classroom, in this case, in the subject of English as a second language. More specifically, this study presents the way in which some of the strategies of this methodology were implemented in one of the classrooms of a third year of Primary Education during some sessions of the English subject.


The main objectives of this study are as follows:

To encourage motivation and enthusiasm on the part of children to learn a second language in the classroom at the elementary stage.
To integrate and make use of ICT in a second language context, in this case, in the English classroom and by means of an innovative methodology.


The methodology of this project refers to the implementation of some of the practices of the innovative methodology Flipped classroom within one of the classrooms of the third educational level of the primary stage. Students in this educational level learn the English language in a second language context and have a didactic program that contains a total of 6 didactic units. These educational practices have been carried out during the sessions corresponding to one of these 6 teaching units and the results obtained have been evaluated taking into account the results obtained by the pupils in an English test and in a satisfaction survey.


Finally, some of the results and conclusions reached after teaching one of the didactic units that are part of the didactic programme of the English subject for learners between the ages of 8 and 9, through the use of some of the techniques that the aforementioned methodology proposes, are presented. On the whole, we can indicate that these teaching processes had a positive impact on the students in terms of their learning of English as a second language, both in academic and emotional terms. In the same way, this study addresses the problematic situations that may arise when implementing these learning activities in the English classroom and, in this sense, it constitutes a support for second language teachers and their future teaching practices.


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English language Flipped classroom Motivation. Primary students


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      Ángel Alberto Magreñán Ruiz

      Comentó el 11/12/2020 a las 14:11:55

      Dear colleague,

      First of all, thanks for the work.

      I am really interested in Flipped Classroom, we use it every year and I have some questions: Did you implement the metholodgy using any LMS? In such case, what kind of structure did you use in it? Did you have good results in terms of adquisition of knowledgement?

      Thanks in advance and congratulations!

      Best Regards,


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      JIE HE

      Comentó el 11/12/2020 a las 02:41:41

      Thank you for your sharing. I think your research is very meaningful and I am very interested. Last year, I taught Chinese in Europe,I taught second-grade elementary school students. They have just started to learn their mother tongue. In addition, most of the children can't speak English. At the beginning, there were great obstacles to our communication. I would like to know the specific teaching procedures in the classroom in the methodology you mentioned. Could you please provide a more detailed account? Thank you very much!


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      Adamantía Zerva

      Comentó el 11/12/2020 a las 02:16:02

      Congratulations for your interesting conference.
      I use the same methodology in my classes with adults and the results aren´t very satisfactory. I would like to ask you the following questions:
      1. What was the main difficult that you had to cope with?
      2. Which method do you use in order to practice the oral?
      Thank you very much.
      With regards,


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      ana ANDÚGAR SOTO

      Comentó el 10/12/2020 a las 09:44:15

      Dear Lorena, I think your proposal is very interesting.
      I would like to ask you if could consider appropriate that Flipped learning be implemented together with other approach/methodology such as CLIL. Did you use it? And also which contents did you include in the Flipped project. Thanks and congratutations


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