A Study of the Differences between Chinese and Foreign oral Expressions in speech


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speech; TED; YI XI; oral expression; different

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      颖慧 杨

      Comentó el 11/12/2020 a las 02:16:33

      It is mentioned in the video that speeches have existed since ancient times. What is the biggest difference between ancient and modern speeches?


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        JIE HE

        Comentó el 11/12/2020 a las 02:48:33

        Thanks for your comment.I think the biggest difference between ancient and modern speeches is the spreading method. Traditional speech is face to face which about interpersonal communication, while the method of new speech is interpersonal communication + internet communication. The communication platform of traditional speech is relatively single, while the new speech closely relies on Internet technology and the communication platform is more diverse.


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      Antonia Isabel Nogales-Bocio

      Comentó el 10/12/2020 a las 18:33:07

      Thank you very much for your research. I have a question for you about the differences you detect in oral expressions: it also happened in social media discourse? Thanks.


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        JIE HE

        Comentó el 11/12/2020 a las 01:50:32

        Thank you for your question. I think that every language contains different cultural ways of thinking and values, whether it is spoken or written. The social media language you mentioned, I think the biggest difference lies in its very personal and group nature. First of all, any information conveyed using social media is a shaping of an individual's image, which is very personal. Secondly, everyone has a different social groups and different group vocabulary and communication styles will be formed in different groups. This is actually similar to the way we speak different identities in our oral expressions. In addition, many emoticons are used when communicating in social media, which is the same as the effect of using body language in spoken expressions to enhance the emotional expression of the speaker. In general, I think that social media language has both similarities and uniqueness to oral expressions due to the use of social media platforms.


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